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Our Policies

At the British Learning Centre, we believe our terms are fair and honest so we don't try to hide them.

In black and white...

Terms of Registration

Concerning everything to do with initially enrolling with the British Learning Centre.

Lesson Postponement

Covers our terms on lesson cancellation, postponement, rescheduling and frequency.

Late Collection

What will happen in the event that you are late collecting your child from school.

Terms of Registration

a) Signing the 'New Student Registration Agreement', in addition to this document, commits the registrant to a contractual obligation to reserve, and pay for in full, the selected package of tuition hours at the British Learning Centre indicated on the form by the registrant.

b) Payment is before any tuition begins.

c) Any alterations to the selected package or refunds are entirely at the discretion of The British Learning Centre.

d) The One-off registration fee of 2,000 baht really is one-off. We will never charge you to re-register no matter how long you decide to take a break from learning with us.

Lesson Postponement

We understand that sometimes you may need to postpone a lesson that you have paid for as part of your package.

Postponement requests must be made in advance of the lesson.

- Group class: 2 hours before

- Private class: 6 hours before 

Booked hours are non-cancellable and non refundable, although hours can be transferred to another student when agreed with the school. 

Unauthorised absences will be treated as a failure to arrive and be deducted from the hours purchased.

Late Collection

In the event that a student is not collected from school by their parent or designated guardian by the end of the school day, the following steps will be taken:

1. The school will attempt to contact the parent or designated guardian to determine the reason for the delay and make arrangements for the student's pickup.

2. Should the school need to care for a child after our closing time, we will charge a flat fee of 1,000THB for every hour that the child is not collected.

3. The 1,000THB will be deducted from existing tuition fees.


It is the responsibility of the parent or designated guardian to inform the school of any changes to their pickup arrangements and to ensure that their contact information is up to date.


The safety and well-being of our students is our highest priority.

The British Learning Centre is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for all students, free from harm and abuse.

We have policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our students and to prevent and respond to any incidents of harm, abuse, or neglect. All members of our school community, including staff, volunteers, and visitors, are required to follow these policies and procedures.

We also have a designated safeguarding lead (Head of School) who is responsible for overseeing and implementing our safeguarding policies and procedures, as well as providing training and support to staff.

If any student or member of our school community has concerns about their own safety or the safety of another person, they are encouraged to report these concerns to a member of staff or to the safeguarding lead.

All reports will be taken seriously and investigated appropriately.

The British Learning Centre is committed to working in partnership with other organisations, such as the police, social services, and health services, to ensure the safety and well-being of our students.

We will continually review and update our safeguarding policies and procedures to ensure that they remain effective and in line with current legislation and best practice.

Safeguarding Statement

Additional Policies

Below you will find our other important policies.

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