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🎉🌞🌟🇹🇭 Exciting Summer English Adventure! 🇬🇧🌟🌞 🎉

Immerse yourself in a dynamic English learning and activities camp this July at our school! 📚🎉

This camp is perfect for any children currently studying in our Early English programme as well as those arriving in Pattaya on holiday!

Week 1: July 8th - July 12th  
Week 2: July 15th - July 19th  
Week 3: July 22nd - July 26th  


**Daily Schedule**:
Monday - Thursday  
- Engaging English language sessions from 9am to 12:30pm  
- Enjoy a delicious lunch break 🍽️  
- Afternoon filled with thrilling activities! 🎨🏀

- Engage in English from 9am to 11am  
- Lunch followed by more exciting activities! 🌭🎉  


**Camp Hours**:  
Each day runs from 9am-4pm.


Join us for one week or all three for an incredible experience at just 14,999THB per week. 💵💼


Don't miss out on this enriching summer of language and fun! 🌟🌈

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