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Why choose British Learning Centre?

So why should you choose British Learning Centre to supplement your child's current education?​

At the British Learning Centre, we aim to provide a British private school classroom experience in the time we have with your child.


Your child will:


- receive the highest standards of teaching and learning from 6 British teachers with over 75 years combined teaching experience.

- be in an intimate learning environment with excellent teacher and student ratios

- receive a regular personalised report on their learning

- be challenged to perform outside of their regular comfort zone 

- discover new skills to help them become more successful and independent learners

- have the confidence to be curious and question learning further 

- be self-motivated to achieve more

- have a teacher who is dedicated to building a strong and positive relationship with your child.

As a parent you will:


- have the confidence of knowing that your child is learning from a British qualified teacher whom is an expert on delivering outstanding teaching and learning opportunities

- have the opportunity to be in regular contact with your child's teacher and receive formal and informal reports on their progress

- receive detailed feedback after every lesson

- see the impact that our British tuition programme is having on your child

- know that your child is learning from a team who are dedicated to being there alongside your child at every moment of their academic journey.

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