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Meeting the Challenges of Online Learning.

Even with the pandemic and its effects seeming to subside, globally, the impact on children’s education is still being felt. Indeed students, parents and educators are in uncharted territory, never before having experienced such interruptions to their everyday, school lives.

As far as remote learning is concerned, the experience of our children and their families has been mixed. A recent study in the US found that only 29% of parents were very satisfied with the online education their children had received while a staggering 68% were concerned that their child might be falling behind.

Due to these concerns, many parents have been seeking additional support for their children, either from freelance tutors or through tuition centres. But how can you guarantee quality of teaching and ensure that you are getting value for money, at a time when many households are feeling the pinch?

One tuition school seeking to fill the gap created by remote learning is the British Learning Centre, based in Pattaya. The centre employs only experienced, fully qualified British teachers, which makes it stand out from the crowd in terms of a guarantee of quality of teaching. Also, the curriculum is designed to follow and support the British curriculum which is the foundation of the learning programmes of the vast majority of international schools.

A major concern voiced by parents during online learning is that their child gets lost in large classes with little interaction with students. The British Learning Centre promises a maximum of 5 students per class, ensuring that this won’t happen. In fact, 96% of their parents said that their child was making progress throughout their online learning while 91% said that their child enjoyed the sessions - it would seem that the British Learning Centre is managing to do something right during these challenging times.

For businesses like the British Learning Centre, there are challenges ahead - having adapted to online learning, how will they continue to offer the same high quality service when schools reopen? The Thai government has made it clear that they aim to reopen schools in time for the second semester or the Thai academic year, in early November. Steps have also been taken to ensure that students are vaccinated: The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration says at least 88% of the capital’s high school students are now vaccinated against Covid-19, students having received the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. What will be the key lessons that can be learned from the last few months that will ensure continued success?

As an experienced teacher myself, I am confident that organisations like the British Learning Centre can do more than survive through these difficult times, they can thrive. I have seen educational fads and crises come and go, and although we may be in unprecedented times, quality teaching still produces quality learning. My advice to parents remains the same: ensure that your children’s teachers are well-qualified and working within a solid, internationally recognised curriculum and they are in good hands.

James Kemp

You can read James' original blog article here: MarketEd.

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