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Why Choose the British National Curriculum?

For any prospective parent, you may be wondering why you should choose for your child to be educated in a school that offers the British National Curriculum. In this blog post, we are going to be covering the main reasons why learning the British way is such a popular choice internationally.

British education has achieved a worldwide reputation for quality, and is recognised and respected around the world.

Key Characteristics

The British National Curriculum is a very structured curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of all students: stretching brighter children and supporting those who need it through differentiated teaching and learning activities. The curriculum extends and excites all students, whatever their interests or ability. Through it, teachers are able to identify, celebrate and nurture the talents and intelligences of students.

British education is world-renowned for concerning itself with the development of the whole personality. Learning is important, but not enough in itself. Young people need to develop their potential to explore and discover the world around them; to think for themselves and form opinions; to relate to others; to develop their bodies through sport and physical education; and to gain experience in taking responsibility.

In the British education system, students are taught to learn by questioning, problem-solving and creative thinking rather than by the mere retention of facts, hence giving them analytical and creative thinking skills that they will need in the working world. It offers a variety of teaching and assessment methods that are designed to develop independent thought as well as a mastery of the subject matter. 

Overall Structure

The British National Curriculum has a clearly defined series of academic and other objectives at every level. Progress is examined via individual teacher assessment against the National Curriculum Attainment Targets for all subjects. This makes it easy for teachers to give parents and guardians feedback on the progress that their child is making throughout their educational journey.

Learning For Tomorrow

We are all aware that we live in a rapidly changing world and the British Curriculum prepares students for life in a society where they may be working in jobs that do not currently exist and employing technologies that have not yet been invented. Through the British Curriculum, we place significant emphasis on the development of personal learning and thinking skills that will result in producing young people who are flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances without fear of inhibition. This will enable and empower them to meet the demands of 21st century life.

Personal Development

We understand that the students of tomorrow are going to need very different personal qualities and skills than their former generation, however the British Curriculum also recognises that students will need to have fundamental British values. For this reason, The British Curriculum educates upon the topics of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs. In addition to this, children at the British Learning Centre learn in such a way that they develop the personal qualities of striving for excellence, accepting accountability, facing challenges and ensuring we maintain a happy environment.

British Education Worldwide

One of the major benefits is how transferable a British education is: students can move seamlessly from country to country. All around the world, you will find schools that are offering a British education and, therefore, it offers some stability to those families who may be in a position where they may have to migrate regularly.

If you have any further questions about how the British National Curriculum could be beneficial to your child then do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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